PRACTICAL INFORMATION For assistance to any excursion or trip it is necessary that you make your reservation in advance. Any reservation is understood as contracting, in no case does the concept of reservation without commitment exist. For assistance to any excursion or trip it is necessary to have done it previously. You can make your registration in previous excursions, in our offices, by mail, by telephone and through the link that you will find on this website at the foot of each activity. To make your reservation or that of several people, it is essential to provide your name, 2 surnames, full DNI, date of birth and telephone number of all of them, with the contracting party as responsible for these places. If you register by phone or in person at our offices, you will have immediate confirmation of your place. If you register by mail or in previous excursion, your registration is firm until you receive a communication to the contrary in a maximum of three days, informing you that there were no free places at the time of the same. If you register through our website, in any case we will contact you by email to confirm your place or invite you to enter the waiting list if there is not. At the time of booking and no later, you can request the cancellation insurance and at any time, a complementary travel assistance.


The full payment will be made at the time of contracting the reservation and after, Senderismo Sevilla will proceed to confirm the reservation

Payments can be made:

In our offices, cash, check or VISA or MASTERCARD credit card.
On previous trips in cash
Through our website with VISA or MASTERCAD credit card. (
Pay Pall meditator on the website.
By bank transfer, telephone, online or income in the following account of TITULAR: SENDERISMO SEVILLA SC

Trekking Sevilla SC will keep reserved places a prudential time, but will have no notice of unpaid reserves or that are not identified within the indicated periods, which does not exempt from the payment of the corresponding expenses.

It can be canceled at any time, with the right to the return of the amounts paid, except for the cancellation fees, the management expenses and the corresponding compensation to be paid to the agency.

If the cancellation occurs due to force majeure reported in the 24 h following the event, prior to the departure of the trip and subsequently submit original and accredited documentation for acceptance as just cause, only the cancellation fees will be charged.

Cancellations must be made by letter, e-mail or personal communication with the agents of the offices, taking the date it is received by the staff of the agency. (If the cancellation is on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, when no management can be performed, the following work will be counted as a notice day).
1-DAY EXCURSIONS: (Decree 99/1996 BOCM)

Since it is made to reserve 3 days before: penalty € 4 for management costs (you can save the money in our moneybox to use it when you want in that case does not lose anything)
In the 2 previous days: penalty 25% of the total of the excursion + expenses of management and cancellation if there were (transport, insurance, etc.)
1 day before 50% of the total of the tour + management fees and cancellation if any (transport, insurance, etc.)
No presentation: 100% of the amount of the tour

Within 15 days of departure: cancellation fees if any.
From 14 to 11 days before: management fees € 10 + 5% penalty + cancellation fees if there were
From 10 to 3 days before: management fees € 25 + 15% penalty + cancellation fees if any
In the previous 2 days: management fees € 50 + 25% penalty + cancellation fees if there were
No presentation: 100% of the trip amount.
** The company reserves the right to cancel the excursion or the bus with the money back if the minimum number of places is not reached

** In case of rain or adverse weather events the company reserves the right to postpone the excursion and the convocation of a new date with the same reservations
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