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Low Level Two – On Saturday February 23 we are going to make a trip to La Circular de la Presa de Bornos. It’s a very simple and recommended route too for beginners and kids that has 10.5 km and 250 meters accumulated height in ascent. The trip is to be completed with a visit to the Roman city of Carisa Aurelia. We will have a bus starting from Sevilla and it is also possible to arrive in private cars. 
Although it is a low level two course due to the slight ascent, this excursion will delight children and adults due to the spectacular sights. The views from the town of Bornos belonging to the route of the white villages of Cádiz and the Roman city of Carissa Aurelia in Espera. It is a route in what history, archeology, and nature shake hands to make a beautiful and entertaining excursion.We will stay in the circular monument at the entrance of Bornos in the avenue of San Jerónimo with those who come by car at 10:30 a.m. The coordinates are 36.822624, -5.742277 (image and map are listed below). Those that travel by bus the stops will be at the Gran Plaza at 8:00 a.m., Avenida José Laguillo at 8:15 a.m., and Cervecería Ronda el Alamillo at 8:30 a.m.
We will start our route with a slight increase in height in order to visit el Pozo de los Moros, a defensive bastion constructed by the French in the War of Independence which dominate the town of Bornos and the river Guadalete and in which we will gaze at fantastic views of the whole area.
After the mandatory stops to take photos we will start the descent toward the dam with fantastic views of the environment at all times until arriving at the engineer house that is next to the damn.The final stretch is fantastic with views of the Grazalema mountain range in the background. We will then travel across the dam along the old greenway between Jerez and Almargen, passing through two tunnels and seeing excavated caves until arriving at the Bornos pier.
From here begins the monumental hike by visiting the different Bornos monuments like el Ayuntamiento (City Hall), the Church of St. Domingo de Guzman, the Ordoñez House, Castillo del Fontanar (Fontanar Castillo), Colegio de la Sangre (Blood School) and Convento del Corpus Christi (Corpus Christi Convent).
You can choose to visit the monuments and eat a bocadillo (a traditional Spanish sandwich) (you will have to take each one) or utilize this route in order to go eat at a restaurant. At 4 o’clock, the bus will leave bound for Carissa Aurelia where we visit till about 6 o’clock at which the bus will return to Seville.The price of this excursion is starts at 20 euros with bus and 8 euros without bus. In order to come with us, you have to complete the registration process. Through this you have to pay by card (press Purchase Excursion below), through the transfer of our BBVA account. Our account is BBVA ES35 0182 3299 8102 0160 5087. Once completed please send the receipt to the email with your first and last name, DNI number, date of birth, and phone number.
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