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Level two- On June 3 we will go back to Ceuta for two great hikes in the African continent. We will have two simultaneous routes:

  • Level one is 12 Km with 250 meters of elevation for the beginner hikers.
  • Level two is 17 km with 500 meters elevation gain for experienced hikers.

The cost of the excursion includes the bus transfer from Seville to Algeciras ferry port, as well as the cost of ferry from Europe to Africa!

This excursion takes us to the African continent, a historically emblematic place, through which many civilizations have passed in its strategic location, where we can visit the pillar of Hercules, the cliffs of Mount Hacho, we will enjoy the company of the sea with its fresh breeze in our journey, as well as magnificent views.

We will leave our usual stops in Seville:
At 07.00 hours CafÈ Gran Plaza,
At 07:15 hours JosÈ Laguillo in front of the hotel Santa Justa and
At 07.30 in the Ronda el Alamillo Brewery.
It is recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to pick up locations.
We will not stop for a breakfast break during our bus trip to Algeciras as we recommend having breakfast on the ferry.

We will be in Ceuta, a Spanish autonomous city, within the Tingitana peninsula, on the African coast of the Strait of Gibraltar. It contains a small peninsula, known as Almina. Surrounded to the north, east and south by the Mediterranean Sea; to the west and southwest it borders a neutral zone that separates it from Morocco, in the region of Tangier-Tetouan.

The bus will take us to the port of Algeciras where we will take a ferry and we will move quickly to the port of Ceuta, from where we will begin our route. We will cross the center of the city of Ceuta and we will be located on the Isthmus or Peninsula of Almina, tremendously strategic place and through which countless civilizations have passed making this place a walled enclosure of defense and control.

We will walk near the cliffs with the sea to our right, which will be our companion on this route, with its breeze and light we will be filled with energy and we will descend to the beach a few minutes to take the fruit, here we will separate the two groups.

Level 2 Advanced Group: Castle of Desnarigado, Battery of Torrecilla and its beach, will ascend to Monte Hacho, Lighthouse of Punta Almina, Monte San Antonio, columns of Hercules and we will arrive to the city.
Level 2 Medium Group: Castle of Desnarigado, Battery of the Torrecilla and its beach will continue to the Lighthouse of the Punta Almina here we will eat, and we will walk towards the city.

Our route borders Mount Hacho with its pine forests, eucalyptus trees and some cork oak, where one of the two columns of Hercules stand, a brave man who crossed these seas and very close to these lands where his memory remains to this day. Next to this enclave are several hermitages of San Antonio de Tojal and San Amaro and the lighthouse of Punta Almina, and at their feet of the cliffs, populated by birds and plants, which give life in abundance to this special place.

We will arrive at the Desnarigado Castle which is an old semicircular battery that was remodeled in the 19th century and before that it was smaller and simpler with five cannons. This fortification is constructed to prevent the disembarkation or anchoring of enemy ships, which at present it is a military museum. From here we will go to the beach of La Torre de la Torre, here we will rest for a while.

We will continue towards the Almina Lighthouse. These places full of cliffs of Monte Hacho are refuge of birds like gulls, sandpipers, and the peregrine falcon.

There are also protected flora, endemics of this place, species adapted to low rainfall, the winds of the coast and the great insolation.

Between the sky, the sea and the earth there are also some pines that hold the enviste of the wind, and the occasional cork oak as a reminder of the ancient forest that covered this peninsula.

It is very interesting to visit the Monumental Ensemble of the Royal Walls, it is a navigable moat where Atlantic and Mediterranean waters meet, and which takes us to the port.

After this beautiful walk, between ascents, descents, between the slates, the sea, we arrive at the city and here we will have a shopping or ride time, until 6:00 pm that the Ferry will set sail , it is very important to be half an hour before, at the pier.
The company is not responsible for people who are not on time and as this would be the last ferry, will have to return by their means.

The price of this excursion is Ä69 with bus plus round trip ticket on Ferry.
To come with us you have to follow the registration process.
You can pay by card (button under these lines) or by bank transfer in our BBVA account ES08 0182 3299 8202 0160 3487 and send us the receipt to the mail ( ) with your name, ID number, date of birth and a contact number.


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